Experience of a first time speaker at Kubecon EU 2022, Valencia, Spain.

Onkar Bhat
3 min readJun 7, 2022


It was exciting to be accepted as a speaker at Kubecon in Valencia, Spain this year (2022). The experience of being there in-person was amazing. Here is the link to the video of my tutorial titled “K8s and Active Directory Can Be Friends. How to Use Dex to Bridge The Gap!” — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax0gJPKgsdU

We had 200 in-person attendees and 297 virtual attendees for this tutorial.

If you would like to try the tutorial, my slides are this GitHub repo — https://github.com/onkarbhat/secure-pacman . The pre-requisites and steps for the tutorial are also in the repo.

The goal of the tutorial is to secure access to a test application(Pac-Man).

In this tutorial, you will deploy an OpenLDAP server in a K8s cluster. The server will store the credentials for a few users. You will also create a group with a subset of users.

You will learn about the open source project Dex and OAuth2-proxy and deploy them in the same K8s cluster.

You will finally deploy the Pac-Man application. You will first access the application’s URL without authentication. You will then modify the app so that HTTP requests to the application, get redirected to OAuth2-proxy and Dex for authentication. On successful authentication OAuth2-proxy will proxy traffic to the Pac-Man app.

Link to the GitHub repo:

Grateful to my team at Kasten by Veeam for all the support. Shout out to Le Tran, Sylvain Huguet, Matt Bator and Tom Manville who provided fantastic feedback, helped me improve the tutorial’s content and helped the audience to unblock them during the tutorial.

I loved the opportunity to meet the community at Kasten’s booth and learn about their Kubernetes environments and data protection requirements.

These were some of the sessions that I was able to attend in-person:

Last but not the least, I am so proud of Le Tran, who is a member of my team that I manage at Kasten, for delivering this excellent Keynote speech about the challenges around building an open source community, and the steps that we have been taking at Kasten for helping address them 👏 🎉 .



Onkar Bhat

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