Kasten By Veeam at Cloud Field Day 13

Onkar Bhat, Engineering Manager at Kasten By Veeam, presenting at Cloud Field Day 13
Michael Cade, Senior Global Technologist, Kasten By Veeam
  • Generation of a master key that is used to derive keys per policy in K10. The derived keys are used for encryption/decryption of backups taken by K10.
  • Three methods for encryption/decryption of the master key — Passphrase based method, HashiCorp Vault based method and the AWS Key management service based method.
  • Storage of the master key in K10’s database called the catalog.
  • The demo showed how to install Vault in a Kubernetes cluster, install K10 with the vault integration enabled, and configuration of the Vault key using K10’s PassKey API. This Vault key is used to encrypt/decrypt K10’s master key.
  • The default Grafana dashboard that is shipped with K10. The charts shown in this dashboard are based on metrics scraped by Prometheus from K10.
  • A demonstration of how to create an Alert using Grafana’s dashboard and have the alert sent to a slack channel.
Tom Manville, VP of Engineering, Kasten By Veeam
  • K10s deep integration in Kubernetes by use of Custom Resource Definitions and AggregatedAPIs .
  • K10's integration with various authentication providers — Okta, Google, Active Directory, OpenShift etc. The use of Kubernetes Authorization in the form of Role Based Access Control.
  • K10’s deployment models — AirGapped mode, Edge deployments and Service Providers which is important for many of our customers.
  • Integrations with various platforms such as OpenShift and Rancher.
  • He talked about what interfaces and APIs are available today thanks to the open source efforts in the Kubernetes Data protection community. But there are lots of areas that are still not supported by the community. K10 uses whatever is currently available from the community — for example VolumeSnaphots, but fills lots of other gaps that are missing.



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Onkar Bhat

Onkar Bhat


Onkar Bhat is an Engineering Manager at Kasten By Veeam (https://kasten.io). Previous: Big Switch Networks, NetApp, Cisco, Carnegie Mellon, RVCE.